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De-Lords Securities Limited, was established in 1996 and immediately commenced operations as an investment and Asset Management company.
De-Lords Securities Limited is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) as an issuing House, investment Adviser and Portfolio Manager. De-Lords Securities Limited’s wholly owned stockbroking subsidiary, De-Lords Securities Limited is a dealing member of the Nigerian Stock Exchange (“NSE”) and registered by the SEC as a Broker/Dealer and issuing House.

The company is a very active trader on both the floor of the Stock Exchange and at the remote trading unit in its office. And with two stock brokers, the company is able to trade simultaneously and monitor trading from these two points. The Accounts and Operations Departments are supported by a top class computer software that enables the tracking of every transaction.

Our strategic goal at De-Lords Securities is to create wealth by establishing, restructuring and re-positioning institutions in Nigeria (and ultimately in the West African sub region ), and to elevate the quality of investment and asset management practices to the most prudent level attainable in the best investment traditions


Our Mission

  • To be a frontline provider of first class services to the widest possible spectrum of clients locally and abroad in the trading of Securities.

  • To be the premier corporate financial institution supporting Nigerian companies in raising equity through the Nigerian Capital Market.

  • To contribute significantly to the development of the Nigerian Capital Market by creating proprietary Pension Management products and services.

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